Get Involved

Our Objectives

We are extremely proud of our powerful network of over 200,000 Katangese from across the world, whom are leaders in their profession. From organising social and fundraising events to returning to the University to talk to current and prospective Katangese, there are a many ways to get involved in giving back to your Alumni. Find out about our objectives below and get involved by joining your local branch today.

Strengthening Bonds

To keep alive and strengthen the bonds of friendship established in the University Hall, helping to build professional network through valuable conversations.

Supporting Projects

To raise funds to support or undertake specific projects for the benefit of the association and/or the benefit of other third parties as agreed by all members.

Coordinated Action

To discuss any matters of interest or concern to the association, its members or University Hall at periodic meetings and take coordinated remedial action.

Supporting Members

To assist alumni network members or their immediate families, who are in need of financial, professional, or any other types of assistance where possible.

Strategic Partnerships

To foster affiliation and maintain liaison with other groups and organisations interested in the well being of or with similar objectives as our association.

Supporting Alumni Business

To sustain the interest in the association by supporting businesses of alumni fellows and maintaining contact between the various alumni network branches.

Our Community

Join the alumni network today. Connect with other Katangese who are making their mark globally. Find out more about your local branch including executives and contact details by selecting the preferred country below. Make the network stronger.


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